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In Kelowna, BC, where the summers can be hot, trees generally require regular watering to thrive. However, the specific watering frequency and amount can vary depending on various factors such as tree species, age, soil type, weather conditions, and overall health of the tree.

How Often Should You Water?

During hot summer months, it is generally recommended to water trees deeply and infrequently rather than providing shallow and frequent waterings. This encourages the tree’s roots to grow deeper and makes them more resilient to drought conditions. As a rule of thumb, watering once every 1-2 weeks is often sufficient for established trees. However, newly planted trees or those in sandy soils may require more frequent watering, such as every 4-7 days.

How To Reach The Roots?

Deep root watering devices, such as tree watering bags or root probes, are designed to deliver water directly to the tree’s root zone. These devices slowly release water over an extended period, ensuring deep penetration and efficient use of water. At Action Tree Service in Kelowna we offer a deep root fertilization service along with watering services where root probes are used to inject fertilizer and/or water deep into the tree’s root zone. A slow and long watering method is best to reduce run off and allow water to slowly seep into the soil which promotes deep root growth.

How Much Water?

The amount of water required by trees can vary based on their size and water needs. As a rough estimate, trees generally need about 10 gallons (38 liters) of water per inch (2.5 cm) of trunk diameter. For example, a tree with a trunk diameter of 10 inches (25 cm) would require approximately 100 gallons (380 liters) of water per watering. It is important to saturate the ground to allow water to soak deep into the soil around the tree’s roots. This will provide moisture for the tree to draw from between waterings.

Watch The Weather

Weather conditions affect the amount of water that trees need. Monitor the temperatures along with the rainfall and adjust watering accordingly. If there has been sufficient rainfall, you will need to reduce the frequency of supplemental watering. On the other hand, during periods of extreme heat or dry spells, you will need to increase the frequency and the amount of water given to trees.

Creative Watering Methods that Make Watering Trees Easy

Gravity fed drip irrigation system in a Okanagan orchard

Drip Irrigation

Rainwater can be harvested during the rainier months and saved to be administered to your trees through a drip system. Rain barrels or cisterns are set up to collect rainwater from rooftops or other large surfaces. This is an environmentally friendly and low-cost way to collect water for trees.

The drip irrigation system consists of a network of tubes, emitters, and connectors that deliver water directly to the base of each shrub or tree. The network of tubes gets water from the collection barrels and slowly distributes the water in a controlled manner. The emitters are placed at the base of each tree and are attached to the distribution tubing at specific intervals. These emitters regulate the flow of water from the system which delivers it directly to the tree’s root zone.

Low Flow Irrigation Systems

Low-flow irrigation systems are very similar to drip systems in that they use tubing and emitters to distribute water directly to the base of your trees, but they differ in that they get water from a pressurised source. Low-flow irrigation systems run on daily timers from a water faucet. These watering systems run at a preset time every day and provide low-pressure watering directly to the base of your trees. These systems are highly customizable and easy to fine-tune. Once they are set up, they provide automated watering to all the trees and shrubs of your choosing.

low flow drip irrigation emitter
Tree bag in Kelowna

Deep Root Watering

Devices called tree tents, also known as tree water bags or tree gators, are large bags that wrap around the base of a tree. They can hold a significant amount of water, which gradually releases over time, providing a slow and steady water supply to the tree. Tree tents are an excellent watering option because they do not require the running of water lines to each tree like other systems do. The only drawback to tree bags is ensuring that the bags are refilled or replaced once they are empty.

Action Tree is Here To Help

All irrigation systems need to be monitored and maintained to ensure the best health for your trees during the hot summer in Kelowna. Remember to consider the specific needs of the trees and soil conditions when using any of these creative watering methods. It’s always a good idea to consult with local arborists at Action Tree Service if your trees show any signs of poor health. Professional guidance from Action Tree is available for the best practises when watering trees in Kelowna.