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5 Tips for How to Prep Trees For Winter

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If you are looking for how to prep trees for winter, keep reading. Canadian trees are some of the most beautiful in the world, but every winter, trees sustain damage, and many even die from wind storms and ice. We all know we cannot stop winter from coming, but there are ways we can prep our trees for winter to help them sustain their health throughout the colder winter months

At Action Tree Service, we are available to come to you and evaluate the trees and greenery in your yard or at your business. Prepping your trees for winter is something that everyone can do, but having the right tools, nutrients, and knowledge on hand is critical to get the best results. In this article, we will provide 5 tips for how to prepare trees for the winter season.

5 Tips for How to Prep Trees for Winter

Throughout the fall months and before the onset of cold winter temperatures, there are some tips you can follow to promote tree health. 

Pruning sheers trimming a tree branch

1. Avoid Pruning until Late Winter

Avoid unnecessary pruning, except to cut off dead branches or dying branches. Throughout the winter, trees go into an energy-saving mode where all resources within the tree go toward sustaining the tree’s life. Unnecessary pruning of tree limbs just before the winter months requires the tree to put its resources toward healing the cut rather than sustaining its health. Cutting off dead or dying branches is okay, but major pruning should wait until very late in the winter months or early spring.

2. Consider Wrapping a Tree’s Trunk

Consider wrapping a tree’s trunk, especially for young trees and newly planted trees. Wrapping the trunk with a commercial tree wrap helps protect the tree from extreme frost and sun scald damage in freezing temperatures. Tree trunks should be wrapped up to the first branches, and the wrap should be removed in the spring when temperatures become milder.

Tree Trunk Wrapped in Burlap Material
Tree mulch around the base of a tree but not against

3. Add Fresh Mulch

Add fresh mulch around (but not against) the base of the tree. Fresh mulch provides an additional layer of insulation and allows the ground to hold water for longer periods of time, fighting against winter drought.

4. Water Your Trees Thoroughly

Water your trees thoroughly with a garden hose toward the end of the fall before the ground freezes. Winter drought is a very real challenge trees face each year. When you provide trees with excessive amounts of water once or twice before the start of winter weather, it sets them up for success when water is scarce.

Young person waters a tree in a Kelowna park
A new tree freshly planted in a Kelowna yard

5. Focus on New Trees

Focus on any new tree you may have planted or any young tree that may not have a strong root structure in place. All trees survive due to their ability to condition themselves for the approaching weather, but freshly planted trees may not have enough time to prepare as they need to. Ensure you are providing young trees with needed nutrients, water, and wraps to help protect them from winter injury and heavy snow.

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Whether you are looking to add nutrients to your yard or want pre-winter pruning to remove dead branches that may become problematic in the winter months, Action Tree Service is ready to help! New trees are most susceptible to struggling throughout the winter cold. Doing what you can to help your trees stay healthy will not go unnoticed, as proper tree care can save the tree from disease and even death.

Why Use Action Tree Service

Action Tree Service is a local trusted tree service provider operating out of Kelowna and Penticton. We have been in business for over 25 years and have a huge fleet of tree pruning and removal equipment. We are certified and insured against accident and injury and have a strong track record of safety and reliability. We care deeply about the environment and have chosen this profession because we love Canada’s most beautiful natural resources. Let us help keep your yard beautiful and your trees healthy throughout the year, protecting your greenery from the temperature extremes we find in our area.

If you are looking for how to effectively prep trees for winter, Action Tree Service is available to help. As temperatures drop, trees feel the effects, but you can help prepare them and protect them by using the 5 tips listed above, keeping them healthy and strong.