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What is Tree and Shrub Maintenance?

Action Tree Service is able to support our customers with everything from tree planting and/or tree removal to a variety of ways to improve the landscaping and natural beauty of any outdoor environment. Our team of experienced, insured, ISA Certified Arborists understand that a well-manicured yard or business is the first impression. Tree maintenance makes an establishment or home inviting, beautiful, and can actually improve the overall value of a home. There are 4 main tree maintenance services typically requested.

  • Tree Pruning– Tree pruning is the process by which our arborists will evaluate and trim back branches that are growing too close to a home or power lines. While pruning, arborists will also remove any branches that may be infected and causing the trees to possibly die or have inhibited growth. This stops whatever disease that is affecting the tree from spreading. Dead or loose branches from trees and/or shrubs will be removed. This is done not only for the safety of people and animals below but also to stop the tree from wasting energy on such branches. Pruning helps a tree or shrub stay strong and last longer while maintaining the safety of the structures surrounding it. This, in turn, maintains the value and greenery around your home. PLEASE DO NOT TOP YOUR TREES OR HAVE ANYONE DO SO, topping your trees will cut off major portions of the tree form making potential and will affect the integrity of the tree.
  • Tree trimming–  With trimming, an arborist’s goal is to improve the look and aesthetics of a location. Trimming keeps bushes and trees from overgrowing and should be done twice per year. Hiring a professional is preferred simply due to knowledge of how precisely to trim the plant without harming its growth. 
  • Tree planting– With larger trees it is obvious why hiring a professional company such as Action Tree Service is beneficial, but what about smaller trees and saplings? Trees are living. Arborists are knowledgeable not just about digging holes and covering the root of a sapling with dirt, but the preciseness of how and where to best plant a tree or bush for optimal growth. Professional arborists know what plants will thrive in different, specified environments. Remember, planting a new tree can affect the entire environment around it. Will its location block light from other plants? Will it strip nutrients from the soil? Arborists understand differing soil, water, and light needs not just for your new tree, but also for existing greenery and can help make recommendations to keep your yard beautiful and healthy. 
  • Root fertilization– We all know most of a plant’s energy comes from the Sun. The roots, however, do not simply bring in water to the plant. Think about nutrients found in the soil as a vitamin boost for a plant. The more oxygen and nutrients that a tree has access to, the more healthy and beautiful the tree will become. Root fertilization involves injecting a high nutrient solution directly to the ground where it can be accessed quickly and easily by a plant’s root system.


We all know landscaping can make or break the appearance of a home or business. Everyone loves large, beautiful, healthy trees and/or a well-manicured lawn and garden area.  There is a bit more about planting and outdoor maintenance than people realize. Plants are alive and, as such, have specific requirements for health and sustainability. There are three main factors that should be considered when choosing a plant or tree for landscaping.

  1. Soil pH and Type- The pH and type of soil can affect the overall health of a  plant and its ability to grow. If an environment is too acidic or basic, the plant may become unhealthy. Discussing plant soil requirements with an arborist can allow a customer to choose the best tree for the space provided. 
  2. Water– All plants- whether large trees or small shrubs- require a specified amount of water. Here in Canada, we know we have a lot of precipitation. Prior to purchasing and planting a new tree or shrub, it is important to spend the time necessary to look and make sure your new addition will not be over- or under-watered in its new location.
  3. Light– Plants not only prefer light, they physically need it to survive. Without the proper amount of light, plants cannot effectively perform the process of photosynthesis. This will affect the tree’s ability to survive. 

Why hire a Kelowna Arborist?

Many of us have visited resorts or nature centers and marveled at the plants and well-manicured appearance of the grounds. A well-kept exterior is the first impression and, although many of us admire such services, most simply want a presentable yard or business landscape of which they can be proud. As a whole, most people are good at planting and maintaining small areas of yards and gardens, but having the assistance of a certified arborist can change the face of a home or business. Purchasing trees and decorative plants is expensive, but providing preventative care and treatment of plants can literally save a home or business owner thousands. Arborists support the overall care of tree, and shrubs. This increases not only aesthetics but tree health and life expectancy. 


With Action Tree Service’s team of arborists are the voice of the trees, we arrive fully-equipped with the tools and knowledge necessary to get any job done correctly. We evaluate existing trees for overall health and safety. Dead, diseased, or weak limbs are identified and removed. The overall shape of the shrubs and trees is evaluated and adjustments are made as needed. Action Tree Service is the only company in Canada permitted to lift a man on the ball of a crane, allowing access to even the hardest to reach areas. 


Safety should be the first priority when dealing with trees. Professional arborists know best practices to keep your family, neighbors, and other trees in the area safe.