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Kelowna Tree Removal services are needed more than most people realize. Whether you need an emergency tree removal caused by major storm damage or are looking to be proactive in removing dead branches and unhealthy trees, Action Tree can help! Action Tree offers professional tree service for areas in and around Kelowna and Penticton. 

Many people inquire about the tree removal cost, emergency tree removal services, stump removal, and reliable preventative services offered by Action Tree. Regardless of your need, it is our job to get your tree safely removed! Our team of professional ISA Certified Arborists work proactively to remove trees using the proper equipment and techniques to maintain safety- both to people and property- while completing the job efficiently and effectively. 

If you are looking for a tree removal service, call Action Tree at 250-762-5922.  


  • How Much Does Tree Removal Cost?

  • Emergency Tree Removal Services

How Much Does Tree Removal Cost?

It is tricky to give an accurate estimate for how much tree removal will cost because it depends on a few factors. Tree size, tree type, the danger involved in removing the unwanted tree, and whether removal of the debris is required are all factored into the total cost of the job. 

To safely remove a large tree, a lot of equipment is required and the situation must be evaluated to make sure the removal is properly planned. From large equipment like boom trucks and cranes to specialized and highly trained tree care specialists, Action Tree makes sure your property remains as safe as possible throughout the process. The best way to determine how much your tree removal will cost is to have Action Tree come out and evaluate the tree (or trees) needing to be removed.

Our Tree Removal Company can safely remove your tree, whether it is a large tree or small. Call us at 250-762-5922.

Emergency Tree Removal Services

Emergencies happen, especially throughout winter when the weight of ice and snow can take down even healthy trees and tree branches. Tree pruning in advance can help keep your home and property safe, but tree removal services are required for a fallen tree, especially in emergency situations such as when a tree has hit power lines, a home, or becomes precariously propped on another tree. 

Action Tree Responds to your fallen tree needs! Whether you need a pine tree or an oak tree removed, our team removes dead trees, the tree stump, and tree trunk. When a standing tree falls in a way that becomes dangerous, Call Action Tree Service. Our team is able to use even the more complicated techniques to get the job done right!

Have a safety Hazard? Call Action tree at 250-762-5922. 

Action Tree Provides Reliable Tree Services. Whether you are looking to remove a safety hazard, inquiring about tree trimming, or needing stump removal, our tree services are second to none! Call today at 250-762-5922 for a free estimate.