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Lot Clearing

What is Lot Clearing?

As our population increases, it is getting more and more common to need lot clearing services to prepare once nature-claimed land for building purposes. Clearing lots for a future building is no simple task. It requires not only the clearing of brush and surface growth, but also the removal of large trees, roots, and stumps. All debris must be processed and/or removed. Finally, the land is levelled in preparation to build. Lot clearing typically involves a knowledgeable team over a period of time. A timeline for lot clearing depends on the size of the team and the start condition of the lot. Naturally, some jobs require more work than others.

Required Tools and Safety

Depending on the size of the lot and how overgrown it has become, there is a wide variety of possible tools needed to complete the job. As with any job requiring the use of machinery, each tool poses its own set of risks and warnings for the user to understand. Aside from typical hand tools such as axes and chainsaws, there are a few larger machines we feel make lot clearing less time consuming and more manageable for a team.

  • Backhoe- Whether pulling out tree roots and stumps or knocking down trees, a backhoe is an incredibly helpful time-saving lot clearing tool. With the power and precision of the arm, backhoes can perform a variety of lot clearing tasks.
  • Brush Mower- The two types of brush mowers available for lot clearing are walk-behind and pull mowers. Both are much more effective than a typical lawnmower with very fast- moving blades designed to tackle larger, more complex jobs. Brush mowers are used to eat away at thick vegetation and underbrush.
  • Crane- If the lot being cleared is home to large trees or falling trees are subject to hitting into adjacent buildings or property when they fall, there is an added level of caution and care that must be taken when cleaning a lot. A crane can be used to secure the tree being cut to remove the trees in pieces. The pieces are then lowered and placed elsewhere, away from buildings or property.
  • Stump Grinder- Depending on how trees are removed and how the intended land will be used, a stump grinder may be needed simply to level the land and remove protrusions. If building on the cleared land, stumps will need to be removed; however, if simply clearing land for livestock or overall appearance, a stump grinder is highly recommended.
  • Bucket trucks- are trucks equipped with a hydraulic, extendable boom that raises workers to high elevated areas which others may find it difficult to access without the use of this machine.



Safety is our number one priority at Action Tree Service. Our team is fully insured and WorkSafeBC covered. We are municipally approved contractors who take pride in our work and love what we do. For many lots, clearing without the assistance of a professional team can be unnecessarily dangerous. If choosing to clear a lot on your own, however, make sure all safety procedures for each of the tools and machines are being followed. Use and wear safety gear such as hard hats, goggles, work gloves, long-sleeved fitted shirts, and long pants over steel- toed boots. Remember, when working with brush chipping, cutting down trees, and digging up plants and brush, flying debris can be a real danger.

Why Use Brush Chipping Services while Lot Clearing?

Brush chipping is the process of using a high powered grinding machine to reduce trees, roots, branches, and other organic debris to mulch. It is an alternative, more cost-effective method to hauling away tons of debris created while clearing a lot. The mulch created is a highly beneficial byproduct that may be left for the owner to use as he/she chooses or can be hauled away. As one might imagine, most companies would much rather haul away a truckload or two of mulch rather than large bulky trees, sticks, and root material. Our team at Action tree services has the largest and best fleet of equipment in the Okanagan Valley, allowing us to complete a job fully, without disruption to work.

Why hire a Professional, Certified Company

Action tree service is a company of professional ISA certified arborists. With over 25 years of experience, our team is not only knowledgable of safety and best practices but we are environmentally responsible. When it comes to working with nature, knowledge is key to not making costly mistakes. Additionally, while lot clearing, having a working knowledge of which trees are poisonous or can cause reaction saves time and irritation. Our team has all the necessary equipment, tools, and manpower needed to complete the job quickly, safely, and correctly.