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Action Tree is happy to offer firewood & log processing along with lumber sales and saw milling services. High quality reclaimed lumber is available, contact us today for the most up to date pricing.

Lumber Milling

Make Logs into Lumber. Action Tree offers custom lumber milling in Kelowna BC. Unprocessed logs can be cut to various lengths and sizes depending on your needs. If you have logs left from a tree removal or lot clearing then we can make them into lumber. Action Tree is here to help, contact us today to learn more about our Lumber Mill Services.

Lumber Sales

We sell Lumber! Action Tree Service has various sizes and lumber species in stock. Sizes and materials may vary, contact us for the latest inventory and pricing. Custom saw milling is available.

Live Edge Slabs

Live edge wood slabs keep the natural corners of the tree’s trunk for an alluring look. A material that’s Ideal for aesthetic projects like countertops, fireplace mantles, shelfs and more. Creating a finished piece of woodwork using a live edge slab ensures your project will be an iconic and appealing feature in any room.

Structural Lumber

Rough Cut Framing Lumber

Nearly all homes, cabins, sheds and garages are timber built using lumber. Quality milled framing lumber that is properly aged and stored is important for timbers to be stable and not warp. Because at Action we are Arborists our team has a deep understanding of the different tree species and how environmental elements will affect their stability as a structural material. At Action Tree we can custom saw and mill structural framing lumber for any construction project. Contact us today for stock and availability.


Wooden posts are needed for many structural carpentry projects. Situated vertically, posts are sturdy and are used to support many different types of wooden structures. Often used in fence, deck and cabin construction. The structural applications are endless. Action Tree Service can saw mill logs into a wide assortment of post sizes. Common post sizes available: 4”x4”, 4”x6” and 6”x6”.

Boards and Planks

Lumber milled thinly into boards and planks have many applications such as fencing, decking and in some cases flooring. Talk to our experts about your project and the custom cuts we can provide.


Durable wood used during shipping or construction projects to provide padding off the ground or floor and provide protection to equipment or goods. We can custom mill dunnage to suit your specific needs. Ideal for transportation of large equipment and materials. Supply may vary, contact us for updated availability.

Lumber Species


Lumber milled from Fir is a building material that is well known for its strength. As the toughest softwood found in the Okanagan region it makes for an ideal framing maternal. Because of this structural timber from fir trees is often used in residential and commercial construction applications.


Cedar is a premium wood product that is high in demand. Because of this, the costs for cedar products are higher than that of other coniferous tree species. The advantages to using cedar wood often outweigh the additional cost. Cedar is naturally resistant to rot and attack from insects. Also due to the natural red colour tone of cedar it is used in decorative applications as well.

Reclaimed Lumber

At Action Tree we have a love for trees and the environment. As arborists we take every step that we can to preserve as many trees that we can along with the environment and ecosystem where those trees and other species live. Sometimes tree removal can’t be prevented.

Reclaiming lumber and wood products from tree removals, lot clearings and reclamation projects is one way that we can help with sustainability in our industry. By using lumber salvaged from other sources the demand for lumber cut from new growth is reduced.

Log Cutting Service

After trees have been cut down they often need to be cut into logs. This can be a laborious task that can take hours. Fortunately Action Tree has a solution.

Fire Wood Cutting Service

Never worry about  having to cut and split enough wood for your stove or fireplace again. A job that often requires 2 – 3 people, cutting firewood is a big chore. Action Tree’s Fire Wood Cutting service uses specialized log processing equipment that can save you time and hassle. The mobile Fire Wood Cutting Service from Action Tree can take the big job of cutting logs and have it done for you in a fraction of the time. Tree trucks are quickly cut and split into quarters. Never worry about having to cut and chop wood again. Action Tree Service can help! Contact our team today for a quote to have your firewood cut and split today.

Firewood Processing Machine

The secret to quickly cutting a splitting up to two cords of wood per hour (four pickup truck loads) is in the specialized equipment that we use: 

  • Portable equipment means a mobile service
  • Lift and load logs into the processor right off the ground
  • Cut wood into lengths of up to 22 inches 
  • Process wood right into your truck or trailer
  • Cut logs up to a diameter of 15”
  • Process logs up to 12’ in length

Book your firewood processing service today!