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Mobile Brush Chipping

Mobile Brush Chipping

We are locally owned and operated with the Okanagan’s largest fleet of Brush Chipping equipment.

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We are locally owned and operated with the region’s largest fleet of mobile wood chipping equipment in Kelowna BC. Contact us for your Kelowna Tree Chipping needs.

Mobile Wood Chipping Service

When cleaning up an empty lot or redoing outside landscaping, there are a lot of branches, tree limbs, and brush that may need to be removed or cleared. Removal of trees and yard waste can be time-consuming, dangerous, and expensive, especially if you don’t have the tools and vehicles required. To save money and time, many opt to hire a mobile brush chipping service. Wood chipping is a great option for ridding your yard of brush and branches and has many benefits


  • Benefits of Hiring a Mobile Brush Chipping Service
  • Types of Wood Chippers & What to Expect
  • Safety While Using a Wood Chipper

Benefits of Hiring a Mobile Brush Chipping Service

Clearing out a yard full of natural debris or having some trees removed is difficult enough, but paying to remove the waste is an excess cost that may not be necessary. Hiring a mobile brush chipping service has many benefits of which most are not aware.

  1. Saves money- Hauling away truckloads of debris can be quite costly. Wood chippers break down the organic material into mulch, taking care of the debris without costing nearly as much money.
  2. Fast and Efficient- Wood chipping gets rid of yard debris quickly! Regardless of whether you are using a large wood chipper or a small wood chipper, small branches, limbs, and brush are reduced to wood chips that can be used around your trees as natural fertilizer. You simply need to match the size of the unit to what you are looking to accomplish.

Free Fertilizer- Once your trees, branches, and yard debris has been chipped, you can use the created mulch as ground cover to naturally add nutrients back into the soil. This of course would not be the best option for a yard, but is a great option for an open lot that needed to be cleared. Many also choose to use mulch around plants, in flower beds, and around bushes, trees, and playsets.

Regardless of the reason, wood chipping is a natural energy efficient and eco friendly way to rid yourself of unwanted yard debris.

Types of Wood Chippers & What to Expect

There are many types of wood chippers available for rent. Whether you are looking at an electric wood chipper or a gas wood chipper, each comes with its own set of rules, instructions, and safety tips on what to do to avoid serious injury. At Action Tree Service, we use a large mobile brush chipper to reduce even larger branches to small chips. We come to you, so all you have to worry about is showing us the material you would like chipped.

Most homeowners do not have experience handling a machine that can cause such severe injury. A wood chipper is a heavy-duty machine with exposed blades. If you would like the assistance of a professional mobile brush chipper, Action Tree Service is Kelowna’s top name in wood chipping!

Hiring a mobile brush chipping service provider such as Action Tree Service can save you time and money!

Safety While Using a Wood Chipper

As one might imagine, wood chipping is a dangerous activity. From the exposed blades to the potential of flying debris, it is important to understand basic safety rules to follow while operating or simply being near a working wood chipper. 

  • Clothing should cover all exposed skin- this stops flying debris from potentially causing injury.
  • Wear protective gear such as Steel Toed Shoes, ear protection, and eye protection
  • Keep a safe distance from the blades, especially while on.
  • Do not wear loose-fitting clothing around wood chippers.
  • Stay clear of the electric motor of an electric chipper.
  • Work with a buddy and watch out for one another.
  • Be careful what’s being shredded- poison oak, ivy, or sumac can be spread using wood chippers. 
  • No children near the machine at any time.

Mobile wood chippers are a great money-saving option, whether you want to rid your yard of small limbs or tree branches.

Trust the professionals

Based on safety alone, we do not recommend renting a chipper. It is always better to be safe and leave this type of work to the professionals at Action Tree Service, the top service providers in Penticton and Kelowna.