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Spring Tree Maintenance

Spring is here and with the snow gone, it has become apparent that your trees may require some spring tree maintenance? Don’t worry! Action Tree Service is Kelowna’s and Penticton’s most trusted tree service provider. If needed, Action Tree’s arborists offer inspections and can assess your trees for damage or disease. We also offer deep-root fertilization and tree trimming services. Dead branches are removed and disposed of. 

Tree care is important, especially in early spring, to ensure safety and proper growth. Healthy, well-maintained trees clean up the appearance of your property, making your home or business more inviting and beautiful. We use our tree care checklist to make sure newly planted trees and existing trees stay healthy and are cared for properly. Spring is the best time for fertilizer, laying mulch, and pruning, and Action Tree Service can do it all!

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  • Why is spring tree maintenance important?
  • Benefits of Using an Experienced Arborist
  • Action Tree Service- Spring Tree Maintenance and More


Why is spring tree maintenance important?

Winter damage can increase the decay of dead wood, cause broken branches, and severely damage trees. This can wreak havoc on your yard and even create a dangerous living environment. To help maintain safety and get your yard back to its pre-winter beauty, spring tree care is essential. At Action Tree Service, we use a spring tree care checklist and send out an experienced and certified arborist to inspect your trees and create a plan for any issues we may find. 

We can add a slow-release fertilizer and essential nutrients to promote healthy growth.Don’t allow your property to become a breeding ground for pests. Dead and damaged wood can be removed to keep rot-eating insects at bay. Depending on the severity of tree health, tree removal services may also be needed. Though rare, many trees simply need the care of an experienced arborist to help them get healthy again. We help keep tree mortality at bay!

Call Action Tree Service for all of your Spring Tree Maintenance needs. 

Benefits of Using an Experienced Arborist

Action Tree Service employs a team of certified arborists. Our team is available to come out and evaluate severely damaged trees. Experienced arborists can typically save them with proper tree trimming techniques and care. An arborist is extensively trained in caring for and treating each species of common trees found in the Okanagan Valley. It is the job of an arborist to trim and prune trees and understand how to best care for each species of tree, keeping them healthy and pest-free.

An arborist also understands the needs of young trees vs. older trees, such as proper trimming, tree care, and can test the soil to ensure proper moisture and pH. A tree inspection is one of the many services an arborist can offer that a yard care worker can not. To ensure proper regrowth, different species of trees require different amounts of pruning. Our team members can help you understand the needs of your trees and plants to keep your yard healthy and beautiful!

Action Tree Service- Spring Tree Maintenance and More

Action Tree Service offers a variety of tree services and can assist with your yard maintenance needs. Whether you are looking for spring tree care or pre-winter services, we can help keep your trees healthy throughout the year. We can suppress weeds, remove weak branches, and evaluate trees for health. With warmer weather returning, you may want to retain moisture by adding mulch to gardens and around tree bases. We can help! Our team offers expert pruning of branches, ensuring your trees can remain strong and healthy. 

Do you need a tree or stump removed? At Action Tree Service, we have the equipment needed to complete any tree service task safely and efficiently. Our mobile brush chipping services can reduce that enormous pile of debris into usable mulch, or we can remove debris. Spring is also the perfect time to get started on that log cabin you have always dreamed about owning. We can assist with lot clearing and log and lumber processing. 

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Spring tree maintenance is just a call away!  Call Action tree service to evaluate your property in Kelowna, Penticton, and the surrounding areas, and let our arborists help keep your yard healthy and safe!