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Summer tree care is vital to keeping trees healthy and beautiful. Tall trees embellish your backyard or garden, and they not only beautify your home or business but provide you with much-needed shade, oxygen and protect plants within your yard. When the summer sun arrives, you must plan for tree care to keep them green and healthy throughout the summer. 

Trees in our area are exposed to a wide range of climatic changes throughout the year. When the summer heat strikes, trees are exposed to numerous dangers such as deficiency of nutrition, pest influx, and dehydration. Listed here are some tree care tips to nurture your trees during summer, helping to extend their health and enhance their beauty. 

At Action Tree Service, we provide professional tree care services for residential and commercial trees. With our unmatched team of certified arborists and a massive fleet of tree service equipment, we offer top-notch summer tree care services throughout Penticton and Kelowna. 

Summer Tree Care Tips To Protect Tree’s Health

Young trees lose water faster than they consume during hot days, which may lead to dropping or yellowing leaves, dead branches, and wilting. These are signs of heat stress. If you observe any of these signs, follow these simple tips to keep your trees healthy. 

Build a fresh layer of mulch

Mulch is an effective way to protect tree roots from heat and maintain soil moisture, and it ensures deep watering and helps trees build a robust root system. 

Ensure regular watering of your trees

Keeping trees hydrated adequately during summers should be a priority. Therefore, you should be watering your trees, especially in high-stress areas when it hasn’t rained in a while. Watering lowers the soil temperatures and helps retain moisture.

Avoid pruning trees in summer

Pruning trees is always good to maintain their shape and good health, but we should avoid it during summer days except when removing infected or damaged branches. If it is a must, you can get professional assistance through Action Tree.

Examine frequently for pests

Hot and humid conditions promote the spawning of pests. You should periodically check your trees for pests throughout summer to ensure they remain pest-free. A tree may look nice and healthy, but you never know what’s hidden under the surface until you check. 

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Professional Tree Services For Tree Care In Summer

If you are unsure how to deal with trees under heat stress, it is highly recommended to hire professional arborists. At Action Tree Service, we employ certified arborists ready to help diagnose, treat, and maintain your beautiful landscaping, regardless of its type. Whether you have young or mature trees in your yard or garden, our expert tree services provide optimum care for your plants and trees.

Arborists understand what a big tree or a plant needs during the summers to remain healthy and beautiful. From mulch layering to soil care and fertilization, they are proficient at summer tree protection and will tell you how to conserve water for trees. Moreover, professional tree service providers are experienced and can give you precautions to follow to keep the trees healthy and free from disease and heat stress. Our professionals also offer services for storm damage prevention to save trees from natural crises. 

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Hire A Certified Arborist From Action Tree Service

At Action Tree Services, we are sensitive to the environment and nature. With our team of certified arborists and an extensive fleet of tree service equipment, we take pride in providing residential and commercial tree services. We help residents ensure the optimum protection of their trees and plants. Also, we assist with tree care tips for summer, winter, and fall. Whether you need mulching or pruning services, fertilizer suggestions, insect prevention services, or want to know how to ensure proper safety for a plant,  Active Tree is one of the most trusted and suitable choices. 

If you see cleanly bored holes, dripping sap, or dying branches, contact Active Tree immediately because these are the symptoms of larval infestations and unhealthy trees. Many such infestations can kill a tree if not treated in time. Our certified arborists know how to save a tree from larval infestations, and they will make your tree healthier within a week. 

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At Action Tree, we have a pool of ISA-certified arborists who provide tree care on residential or commercial premises. From pruning trees to irrigation and disease management, we cater to all conditions promoting optimum tree health.