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"Passion About Trees"

I have to say. I am pretty impressed with the work your arborist did on our trees. Not being in the industry I have to say it was enlightening hearing Tony and the fellow working on our trees, talk about the trees themselves. What I mean by that is I was not expecting the "passion" about trees. I think thats pretty cool. Darrian doing the climbing and cutting made me laugh when i first talked to him. He was up in the oak tree and i asked jokingly if it could be salvaged, He seemed to be in his element and said the tree is gorgeous and he was gonna make it look great. I chuckled because I wasn't expecting the passion for trees. I think a bit has rubbed off on me because they look great. My neighbour has already commented on how nice the trees look. And then he told me I chose the right company to do the job. And apparently he know you guys well.  Anyways, I just wanted to let you know I am happy overall with the work done!

Marlin Kokoschke, Kelowna, BC

The definition of respectful, hardworking and professional.

Wow, Tony, what a top notch team you have. From you showing up exactly on time to give the quote on friday, to Laura being so prompt getting back to us first thing Monday, to Cole showing up all by himself, busting a move in two yards and leaving them spotless for his departure, we are all so impressed with your company! Cole is the definition of respectful, hardworking and professional. We have told Cole that our tree is now his tree, and you will be the only company we call for pruning going forward! We have already deleted all other tree contacts from our address book! Thanks to you and your team for a job well done! Hope you are enjoying your time on the Baja! Grant and Jodee

Jodee Lalonde, Kelowna

Excellent job without damaging surrounding gardens

Thanks again for your good work in taking down our curly willow. You guys did an excellent job; Considering all the obstacles and potential for damage to the surrounding gardens etc, you really showed your skill.

Paul Crofts, Kelowna, BC

Magnificent work

Thanks to you and all the wonderful workers you have helping you achieve your magnificent work.

Carmen Savend, West Kelowna, BC

Very impressive

Very Impressive. Big Job. Big Machines. Very competent crew. On Time. On Budget. A great experience. Not much more to say..

Tony Peyton, Kelowna, BC

Crew did a great job

Thanks Tony. You and your crew did a great job today. You have a lot of support/references here in Le Chateau.

John Green, Kelowna, BC

Skilled and hardworking

Wow Tony, thank you and the guys so much for the great job you did!! You guys are so skilled and hardworking - and great guys!!

If you could use another testimonial, you can use this one from me: Incredibly impressive! Huge trees along a fence between 2 close houses were expertly secured then whisked overhead with incredible skill and placed gently down to be chipped and cleaned up as they went along.

Great teamwork and a fantastic job! Thank you!! All the best to you guys! I loved the stump with the peace sign! So cool! 

Carolyn, Kelowna, BC

The guys on site were professional and courteous

Hi Thorsten and Tony,
Thanks Thorsten for helping out getting the tree cut down. I would recommend Action Tree any time. 

Thanks so much for getting us booked in, much appreciated. The guys on site were professional and courteous. Was an excellent job, well done.

Peter Arrowsmith, Kelowna, BC

Fairly priced and I am really pleased

I dealt directly with Tony, the owner, and was impressed for several reasons. His quote involved a creative method of removing the trees (craning them over the neighbour’s roof with their permission) which ultimately saved many hours over a manual removal. They arrived on time and the whole process of removing 8 huge trees was done and cleaned up in just a few hours. The workers were friendly and very competent. The whole job was fairly priced and I am really pleased with the outcome. Thanks Action Tree Service.

Linda Dunlop, Kelowna

Very Impressed

Hi Tony, 
How impressive it was to watch you and your men work with such coordinated precision under windy conditions. Also the neighbours are impressed with how clean you left the street. Have received a couple inquires about how happy we are with your service. Advised them that we were very happy from your very professional estimate to the final cleanup after the jobs completion. 
Thank you Tony for a good job, you were not the lowest estimate but we're very happy that we had you to do the job.

Art Sakamoto, Kelowna, BC

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