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What Are Tree Bracing Services?

Giving trees structural support is available through the tree cabling and bracing service from Action Tree. When a tree is structurally weak, an arborist can add tree cabling or bracing. Cables, braces, and other hardware are used to assist in distributing the weight and stresses of a tree’s limbs. Adding structural support lowers the danger of branch failure and enhances the stability of the tree as a whole.

Which Trees Need Extra Support?

Trees with branches that have narrow crotch angles, included bark, or bark that grows between two branches are likely to split or break during storms or under the weight of snow and ice. An Action Tree arborist can use tree cabling to support the weak areas of these trees, which will prevent them from failing.

Bracing Old Trees

Preserving older or historic trees can also be done using tree cables and bracing. By adding additional support to heavy limbs or branches that may be at risk of breaking due to their age or health, cabling can increase the lifespan of such trees. And reduce any risk of injury or damage from falling branches.

Supporting Trees Near Structures

Supporting trees with bracing and cables that are close to driveways, walkways, buildings, or other structures can run the risk of causing damage if tree limbs or branches fall. Because of the structural support provided, tree cables can reduce branch falls that cause damage to property or put people in danger.

Strengthening Damaged Trees

Trees that have had previous storm, pest, or disease damage may also have weakened branches. These damaged sections can be strengthened with cabling, lowering the danger of additional damage during future storms.

Tree Cabling & Bracing for New Trees

Young trees that are newly planted lack structural support from their roots. Trees should be braced when they are planted, and bracing should be kept in place for a few years until the tree is well-established and capable of supporting itself. The cabling of new trees fosters the health of the young trees that are not yet strong enough and have the potential to tip or lean to one side. If a freshly planted tree leans or tips, it harms the balance and general health of the tree. The weight can be distributed more evenly with cabling, which will encourage healthy growth.

Tree Cabling From Action Tree Service

For every tree, cabling isn’t always the best option. Depending on the tree’s condition, species, and location, an Action Tree ISA arborist can decide whether cabling is the best option for your trees. Cables that are improperly placed can do more harm than good, possibly girdling (strangling) the tree’s limbs or causing other structural problems. Therefore, it’s crucial that cabling be done by a qualified expert who is familiar with the biology of the tree, appropriate installation methods, and the particular requirements of the tree.

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