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Action Tree Service takes pride in offering services for Tree Care Kelowna, taking premium care of your business and residential properties. Many Canadian fruit trees and shrubs become temporarily inactive during the winters. As pruning shock becomes significantly less at this particular time of year, it is the ideal time for planting, tree trimming, and tree pruning. Suppose you are just a beginner at maintaining your fruit trees or seek to keep your trees healthy and strong throughout the winter months. In that case, you may need expert assistance in adequately caring for and maintaining your existing greenery. Understanding how to treat each tree and shrub properly requires a lot of consideration.

Action Tree Service offers inclusive tree care in Kelowna and surrounding areas, from fruit tree planting to deep root fertilisation or removal. If you need expert care services for your property, call 250 762 5922 for a quote.

Why Should You Plant Fruit Trees In The Backyard?

Fruit trees are precious to home gardeners who wish to save money on producing their food but also enjoy a variety of organic fruits that are not available at the retail store. By planting fruit trees in your garden, you can enjoy fruits with full flavour and nutrition that only your tree can deliver. Commercially grown fruits are reaped long before they are ready to ensure they appear ripe when they reach the retail store or the market, and this means fruits at retail stores lack both flavour and nutrients. 

Planting more and more trees around you means you will continuously get a good level of oxygen and fresh air. If you find it challenging to take care of a fruit tree around you, Action Tree can help with its residential tree services. We are locally owned and operated by an unmatched professional arborist team. Call us today for unmatched residential tree services!

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General Consideration For Fruit Tree Care

When you decide to plant fruit trees in your backyard or garden, it is crucial to consider three factors – soil, spacing, and sunshine.


Fruit trees require humus-rich and fertile soils. The soil must drain adequately to keep a fruit tree happy. It is suggested to work in ⅓ peat to the soil while planting if you have high clay content, which will enhance the drainage for the tree. To plant a fruit tree, one should avoid poorly drained spots of high clay soil. Moreover, you should remember that fruit trees will not grow in an overly wet spot in your backyard.


Spacing between the fruit trees is crucial. Trees need to be planted around 12-14 feet away from each other. If you are planting more than one row, the rows should have a distance of 18-20’. This will ensure that each plant will get enough space.


Sunshine makes a tree happy and allows it to thrive to the full extent. Therefore, planting a fruit tree in a spot that receives sunlight for at least half of the day is essential. Proper sunlight allows a tree to produce flavourful and nutrition-full fruits. So, you should avoid planting your fruit tree in full shade.

Tree pruning is also a crucial aspect of tree care, especially for fruit trees. If you are unsure how to perform tree pruning on your own, you can obtain inclusive residential tree services offered by Action Tree. Call us today!

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From small residential tree removal to tree stump removal, tree trimming, and stump grinding to large-scale commercial services, Action Tree Service can handle any job you have. We understand the significance of trees in our lives, and our inclusive range of tree services perfectly reflects that. Over the years, we have helped Kelowna homeowners with difficult tree removal and specific fruit tree services. Whether it is tree pruning, tree care, tree trimming, stump grinding, or tree stump removal, we have the best equipment and professionals ready to get the job done right! 

Apart from the tree removal, we provide Kelowna residents with inclusive arborist services, exceptional tree care, and tree disease management. We take pride in delivering Kelowna tree service through our ISA-certified arborists. Our fully qualified and certified team also specialises in shrub care.

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Action Tree Service is a locally-owned and operated business having a team of fully insured ISA Certified Arborists. The company offers a range of tree care services, including tree nutrition, stump grinding, tree removal, summer tree care, and much more.