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If you are looking for tree planting, Kelowna, it is important to understand that planting a tree is not as simple as it may sound. To get the right tree for your location, home and business owners should really spend time researching the type of tree that would flourish in the given environment and ways to make that tree grow beautifully. At Action Tree Service, we encourage property owners to consider what having that tree means in terms of location, cleanup, pollen, shade, root growth, and size.

Sure, most trees grow where they are planted, but without proper care and treatment, your tree may not be as healthy or beautiful as you have in mind. If a tree is planted in the wrong location, it can mean a handful of headaches for your home or business. Tree sales vary from small saplings to large full-sized trees. The smaller the tree, the easier it is to manage. However, getting a larger tree allows the purchaser to get a better visual on how that tree will tend to grow throughout its life.  There are many things to consider when planting a new tree and we are here to help.

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Plant Trees That Fit The Given Location

Whether you are looking to plant one tree or want to create a green canopy of shade and life on your property, it is important to correctly purchase and plant the trees that will best suit your given area. Trees are a necessity of life. They curb climate change, reduce greenhouse gasses such as carbon dioxide, and provide us with oxygen. Unfortunately, with buildings going up, trees are coming down at an alarming rate. The good news is that new trees can be planted and an attractive tree cover that fits with your home or business can become a reality. 

Whether you get your tree following a residential planting program, from a store or nursery, or the Urban Re Leaf program, the trees you have chosen will need to be properly planted to ensure the proper growth and development of the tree. Choosing a tree of the right size and with a root structure that will fit the given environment is important. 

At Action Tree Service, we can be with you every step of the way. We assist with

  • Pre-planning which types of trees are desired and the locations they will go in the given area. 
  • Purchasing and finding the right trees of the right size and age to meet your needs
  • Delivery
  • Planting
  • Maintenance


It is important to consider root structure and size when planting a tree. If a tree is planted too close to a structure, the roots may grow into the foundation causing problems. Additionally, the height and overall size must also be considered, especially when planting near power lines.

When and How to Successfully Plant a Tree

In Kelowna, trees should be planted in the spring and early summer. This will allow trees to get a stronghold within the soil before winter arrives. The root ball of a tree is very important when looking to successfully plant a tree. The tree, regardless of size, needs to be moved and handled in such a way that the root ball remains as intact as possible. When carrying the tree, carry it by the root ball as the weight of the roots can separate the trunk from the roots when carried incorrectly. Larger trees will require assistance. Many trees even require large trucks both for transport and to assist in the planting process and getting the tree back into upright form. 

The hole being created for the tree should be a much larger hole than many realize. Digging most of these holes by hand without the proper tools or knowledge can be overwhelming. At Action Tree Service, our arborists have the right tools and understanding to do the job correctly.  The root ball should sit in the center of the created hole and dirt should be backfilled after the root ball covering has been removed. 

After planting, keep the soil moist. Using mulch not only makes the new tree look appealing, but helps the plant to hold its required water.  At Action Tree Service, we not only assist with the entire tree planting process, but we can be a part of keeping your tree healthy and growing strong throughout the years. 

Trust Action Tree Service with your Tree Planting Kelowna Needs

If we want our cities thriving, an urban forest is the key! Kelowna residents do a fantastic job of keeping their homes and businesses looking beautiful, but when looking to enhance landscaping with trees, look to Action Tree Service to help you choose the right location and type of tree. We can expertly plan the space, dig the necessary sized hole, and plant the tree properly, allowing the roots to open up and spread out, ensuring tree health. 

If you need help with moving and relocating new purchased trees, our team has the right trucks, tools, and know-how to get the job done without stress. Whether acquiring the tree through the Urban re leaf program or elsewhere, making sure your new tree has the right amount of sunlight, water, and space- something our professionals do best!

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At Action Tree Service, we have the tools to get your tree planting Kelowna done correctly! From moving the newly purchased tree to ensuring it is planted properly and given what it needs to survive, our arborists are here to help!

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