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We are locally owned and operated with the Okanagan’s largest fleet of tree service equipment.

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We are locally owned and operated with the region’s largest fleet of tree repair equipment in Kelowna BC. Contact us for your Kelowna Tree Pruning needs.

Tree Pruning from Action Tree Service is a way to ensure your trees stay healthy and strong year-round. Regardless of the tree services you require, whether tree pruning, tree removal, or disease management, Action Tree Service can help. By hiring our professional tree service providers for your tree trimming needs, you are assured that certified arborists with vast knowledge of tree care and a love of nature will respond. Individual trees can become an issue, especially if branches are dying or they become diseased. By pruning your trees, you limit the risk of injury, both to passers-by and surrounding greenery.  

Tree removal services can be avoided when trees are cared for on a regular basis. Damaged trees or those with dead branches can become progressively less healthy when arborist services such as pruning are not done. Many people don’t call arborists about pruning services because they feel they can do it on their own when needed. Did you know that cutting the wrong branches, too many branches, or pruning at the wrong time of year can actually harm a healthy tree? At Action Tree Service, our pricing is often far less expensive than many assume, and our team is composed of highly trained and fully qualified arborists. In fact, many in our team are ISA certified arborists.

Why Do Your Trees Need a Tree Pruning Service?

Tree pruning, when done correctly, can help shape your trees and keep them healthy. Whether large scale commercial services or small residential tree removal and branch removal services, Action Tree Service offers the best tree services in Kelowna. Tree care is something that many homeowners simply leave to nature. Leaving trees alone will certainly allow for growth, but caring for trees yields beautiful results, making your yard more attractive, safe, and inviting. 

Calling a certified team is always recommended when looking to prune trees. By doing so, you know your trees are cared for properly. Pruning removes dead and dying branches, allows for the removal of branches that may have become diseased, and, when done right, shapes a tree beautifully. Be warned. If choosing to prune on your own, removing too much at one time can cause a tree to become unhealthy and can even cause death to the tree. Additionally, pruning too much at the wrong time of year can open the tree up to insect infestation or lack of health.  Pruning is a science, and understanding how pruning can help plants grow more quickly or more slowly is an important part of pruning correctly, especially when looking for shapely, beautiful tree growth.

Unhealthy tree with dead branches in need of pruning
Action Tree's tree pruning boom truck available to serve Kelowna

Why You Should Call Action Tree Service for Tree Pruning Kelowna

At Action Tree Service, we are a locally owned and operated business that is fully insured and is home to our own fleet of service vehicles. We can tackle even the tallest tree. We come to the job site, evaluate the needs of each location, and provide the home or business owner with a free estimate for suggested services. Tree care can range from tree pruning to tree removal and stump grinding services. We also can provide such services as lot clearing, log processing, mobile brush chipping, and any other need you may have for your home or business. 

Our team includes ISA certified arborists who care deeply about nature and maintaining Canada’s natural beauty as nature intended it to be. Our expert arborists can handle even the most difficult removals and have a safety record that is worth bragging about. Are you looking for tree pruning services, or do you want to help prepare trees for the winter snow? We suggest wood chips and wrapping services, especially for trees that may be newer to your location or just growing naturally on your property.

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At Action Tree Service, our certified arborists have been serving Kelowna for many years. From pruning to tree removal services, we are available to help keep your yard naturally beautiful and healthy. Call us today for a free quote and start the process of keeping your trees strong and healthy.

Action Tree Service offers professional tree pruning services in Kelowna and the Okanagan Valley. Contact us today for a quote to have your trees safely trimmed and pruned.