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Tree Trimming in Kelowna BC

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We are locally owned and operated with the Okanagan’s largest fleet of tree trimming equipment in Kelowna BC. Contact us for your Kelowna Tree Pruning needs.

Tree Trimming services are necessary to properly maintain your outdoor areas, giving your yard an appearance of order and care. Action Tree Service is a tree service company that employs a team of arborists you can trust for any service you may need. 

From tree pruning and trimming to tree planting and stump removal, our team of certified arborists can help with any aspect of tree services. Other companies simply do not provide the same services with the same level of skill. 

Call today to speak with one of our expert arborists at 250.762.5922.

  • Why you Need Professional Tree Trimming Services

  • Residential & Commercial Tree Trimming Services

  • Why You Should Trust a Tree Arborist for Your Tree Removal

  • Safety of Hiring Action Tree Service

Why you Need Professional Tree Trimming Services

Whether you are a homeowner or business owner, if you have trees on your property, you should have a professional tree trimming service maintaining them.Tree trimming solves a variety of problems and promotes the health of any tree.  Tree trimming is something that is necessary for a variety of reasons.

Improve the look of the yard

Tree trimming maintains the beauty of a yard and keeps trees healthy and, let’s face it, maintained trees simply look better! Certified arborists know how to cut away overgrowth, training trees to grow naturally in a much more beautiful and directed way. Tree Maintenance makes any commercial location appear more professional and makes any home more attractive and inviting.

Remove dead tree branch hazards

Dead tree branches can not only be a nuisance but can be deadly if the branch is large enough and falls on a person or animal. Regardless of the size of the tree or branches, professional arborists know how to remove dead tree branches to keep your lawn a safe environment for visitors. Along with removing dead tree branch hazards, tree thinning should be on any owner’s “to do” list. This process removes excess trees in the surrounding area of a tree. Overcrowded trees are typically much less healthy leading to branches being weak and more apt to die, becoming a hazard. Tree thinning can stop problems before they start by allowing remaining trees to have the resources needed to stay healthy.

Promote healthy tree growth

Tree Trimming promotes healthy tree growth! By removing limbs that are pulling resources from the tree unnecessarily, trees can redistribute their resources to grow into the healthy, huge tree they are meant to become.

Treat Tree Disease

Trees, unfortunately, do contract diseases. If this is the case, having a certified arborist on your side can literally save the tree’s life and all similar trees surrounding it. Tree pruning done by skilled arborists can remove the disease or stop the spread of it. In a worst-case scenario, tree removal may be necessary.

Residential & Commercial Tree Trimming Services

Residential and commercial tree trimming services are essential for maintaining your yard or business location’s appearance, safety, and health. Whether you need hedge trimming services or general tree services, Action Tree Services is ready to help your location look its best! 

Dead trees or branches can lead to unnecessary property damage, injury, and a wide array of other irritations. Having regular tree trimming services may not stop branches from dying, but it does remove branches proactively, reducing the chances of having a broken branch become a hazard. Further damage is also prevented as dead limbs don’t come crashing down on healthy parts of trees and their surrounding areas. 

A dangerous tree can lead to needing tree removal. Depending on the size of the tree, tree removal services can cost thousands. By maintaining regular trimming, trees maintain health for a much more extended time period, and tree removal can be prevented. Whenever your plans call for tree planting, you should get the opinion of a certified arborist to direct you in choosing the proper type and placement for your new addition. This will allow the tree to grow and remain more healthy.

Tree pruning can be dangerous and should be left to professionals. Call 250.762.5922 to speak with an expert.

Why You Should Trust a Tree Arborist for Your Tree Removal

When tree trimming services simply aren’t enough, you may run into needing tree removal. The best tree removal services are ones that can be avoided by keeping your trees healthy, trimmed and away from power lines. Our team at Action Tree provides prompt service, whether you need trees removed or simply maintained. 

If it comes to the point where tree removal is necessary, a certified arborist is the safest, most effective way to remove the tree. Trees being removed are known to fall in the wrong direction, damaging property, getting tangled in other trees, and potentially hurting someone. None of that stress is necessary. Our professional team can remove the tree effectively, quickly, and without incident.

Safety of Hiring Action Tree Service

Action Tree Service is a trusted team of professionals ready to tackle any of your needed tree-related services. Whether you are looking for tree trimming services, tree pruning, tree removal, stump grinding, brush chipping or simply wanting an evaluation of your outdoor greenery to make sure your plants are healthy, we can help. We offer professional tree service to all areas of Kelowna and Penticton. 

Working with trees can be incredibly dangerous. Limbs can fall without warning, and incorrect cutting can cause large branches or the entire tree to fall in a less than desirable direction. Saving a few dollars is not worth property damage or personal injury. Our company has the tools, machinery, and safety training to get the job done right. 

When looking for tree trimming services for your residential or commercial properties, call the team at Action tree Service! We are fully equipped to handle any job large branch removal to complete lot clearing.

Trust the professionals

Action Tree Service offers professional tree trimming services in Kelowna BC and the Okanagan Valley. Contact us today for a quote to have your tree’s pruned today.