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Spring Season Tree Inspection

Spring has come to the Okanagan Valley and it is time again to pay some attention to our trees. Winter can be hard on our trees and shrubs. Taking the time to address any issues in the spring can help to make sure your trees can enjoy another healthy growing season.

What to Look For In The Spring

Melting snow and trees

Dead or Non-functioning Branches

Inspect your trees for broken or dead branches. When the weather begins to warm up trees will begin to leaf out. Looking for any branches that are not leafing out in comparison to other branches will indicate if there is a problem. Dead branches that are discovered should then be properly pruned to prevent the attraction of insects and diseases. If all limbs appear to dead then full removal of the tree may be required.

Excessive Moisture from Snow Melt

When inspecting your landscaping also look at areas where large amounts of snow have collected over the winter. Are these areas draining properly? It is important for the trees in these areas that the melting snow is draining well. Discoloration and curling of leaves will indicate if these trees are being overwatered by the melt. If you encounter this issue then the drainage in these areas will need to be addressed.

Late Bloomers

During your inspection look for trees that are not flowering or leafing out as well as other trees nearby. Though a tree’s limbs may be functioning a delay or lateness is an indication of a bigger problem. These trees will require further assessment and  should be seen by an Arborist.

Winter Burn

Winter burn is a common problem of evergreens that develops over winter. Foliage becomes brown at the tips of branches and progresses inward toward the center. The browning is caused by the leaf tissue drying out from exposure to cold winter winds. Trees that face the prevailing winds need to be well watered in the late fall. This extra moisture helps keep the tree from drying out and developing “Winter Burn” in spring.

spring trees in kelowna
Tree with flooded trunk
Winter Burn on a cedar tree

Contact an Arborist to Help

Winters can be tough on our trees and shrubs. Recognising problems caused by the winter in the early spring can help. If you discover any issues with your trees contact the ISA Certified Arborists at Action Tree. The team at Action Tree Service can diagnose and treat any complications with your trees. Helping your trees in spring ensures a healthy growing season through to next winter. Set your trees up for success and contact our expert team today.