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All About Stump Removal

What is Stump Removal and Why is it Needed?

The most common way to effectively remove a tree stump is by using a stump grinding machine. Stump grinding is exactly what it sounds like it would be- the use of a machine to grind away the remaining part of a cut-down tree. There are a few reasons people may choose stump grinding services. Whether on personal property or for a business, stumps remaining after Kelowna tree removal can be a hazard for anyone walking or running on the property and can be a nuisance while mowing a yard. Many people also choose to grind stumps down when they are changing landscaping or simply want to give the land a cleaner, more well-maintained look.

Stumps will, of course, decay without human intervention, but this natural process can be very lengthy and provides the perfect home for a variety of insects. These insects may be content for a time in the stump, but- if the stump in question is close to an existing structure such as a home or shed- such insects may migrate toward man-made structures. Typical insects found include termites, spiders, and ants. Removing a stump removes the probability of a possible insect invasion within your establishment.

Required Equipment and Safety

Stump grinding is done with the use of a very powerful, heavy, and potentially dangerous machine. Companies such as Action Tree Service have professional arborists ready to grind a tree stump quickly and for a very competitive price of competitors. If choosing to stump grind yourself, there are some safety rules that should be adhered to.

  • Read and follow all instructions provided with the stump grinder rental or purchase. Stump grinding can literally become a life or death situation if done incorrectly, so this is important to the safety of all involved.

  • Wear your protection- hard hat, safety goggles, earplugs, gloves, work boots, long sleeves, and pants, avoiding loose clothing, remove jewelry, and tie long hair back.

  • Remove anything that you can see may become a projectile from around the work area such as small rocks

  • Check with utility companies for possible underground pipes or wires.

  • Set up a boundary around your work area for the safety and security of others.
    Stump grinding can be incredibly satisfying. Assuming the user is strong enough to handle the machine and all rules are followed, do it yourself stump grinding is a viable working option.

    How Can Action Tree Service Help?

    As you can see, stump grinding can be dangerous work. Personal injury aside, making a mistake and clipping a line or pipe can end up costing a do-it-yourselfer much more than simply hiring professionals trained to stump grind safely, quickly, and efficiently. Action Tree Service has a large fleet of equipment, kept in top condition and easily transports machinery to and from the necessary locations. Our team is fully insured and WorkSafeBC covered, so our team and your property are covered.