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We all have experienced times when a Kelowna tree removal has had to be done. Whether it was damaged, dead, or leaning precariously over a building, the tree itself gets hauled away, but what happens to the remaining stump? Stump removal and stump grinding services are not typically part of a tree removal quote, so what’s the process of getting rid of the stump? 

There are two methods to remediate this problem: stump grinding services or tree stump removal. The tree stump removal process is thorough but is not always necessary as it literally involves removing the entire stump and root system. 

Stump grinding is the much more frequently chosen option as it is generally less expensive than stump removal and removes the part of the tree stump that is problematic, making the land once again usable. 

If you need stump grinding services in Kelowna and the Okanagan, call Action Tree Service. Our team is composed of highly trained arborists and is continually trained in the safe usage of stump grinders and other tree service machinery. 


  • What is Stump Grinding?

  • How is Stump Grinding Different From Stump Removal Services?

  • Safety of Stump Grinding

  • Why Choose Action Tree Service for Stump Grinding Services?

What Is Stump Grinding?

Stump grinding is a commonly requested service. Sometimes a tree will fall on its own, and other times, a tree dies or becomes diseased and has to be removed by an Arborist. Either way, when the tree falls, the stump remains. In some instances, this is not a huge issue, but if the stump is close to a residence, in a yard, is a tripping hazard, or the owner plans to plant new trees, the old stump must be taken out of the way of new progress. 

The process of removing a visible part of the stump is called stump grinding, and it is done using a large, powerful machine called a stump grinder. The stump grinder has large rotating teeth and can rip into any stump, tearing it apart and grinding it down. This process creates natural mulch that the owner may choose to keep or may have removed from the property. 

Stump grinders can grind down a few inches or up to twelve inches in depth, creating a large hole that is then naturally filled with the created sawdust and wood chips. This hole is then covered in a layer of soil and, just like that, the stump is no longer an issue!

How is Stump Grinding Different From Stump Removal Services?

Tree stumps can vary in size and depth. Tree roots can venture out as far as three times the width of the original canopy! Can you imagine the root system of some of our most ancient trees in Canada? It is a process to get rid of the tree stump and the root system as well. Such a task requires very specific, large machinery to remove a tree stump altogether. However, total stump removal is not necessary in most cases. 

Stump grinding focuses on removing the part of the stump that is problematic. It typically takes a few hours to grind stumps, but the time it takes is entirely dependent on the size of the stump being ground. The stump grinder is a large piece of equipment and it does the work for the user, making tree stump grinding a much easier task than it was 100 years ago. However, the equipment itself is quite dangerous, so we suggest hiring a professional to grind your stump to the desired height.  

Action Tree Service has the equipment necessary for stump grinding success! Call us today for an estimate at 250-762-5922.


Tree stumps can be a nuisance, but stump grinding is a service surrounded by safety. There are three main reasons people give for needing a stump grinder service. 

  1. The stump is a tripping hazard. (Safety of Visitors)
  2. The stump is attracting unwanted insects such as carpenter ants and termites too close to a structure. (Safety of Structures)
  3. The owner of the land is looking to update a landscape design. (aesthetics)

The safety of the stump grinder operator is also of top priority. At Action Tree Service, our operators wear safety gear each and every time they use stump grinders. They also ensure onlookers are out of the way of potential flying debris. 

We train continuously and are “ fully certified and insured against accident or injury.” Before leaving a job site, the hole left in the ground is filled in to make the soil level. The tree’s roots will naturally rot away over time, but it’s such a slow process that the surrounding ground remains mostly level and safe.

Why Choose Action Tree Service to remove your tree stumps?

Tree removal leaves behind tree stumps. For whatever reason you may have, if you need to remove stumps, Action tree Service has all of the necessary stump grinder tools and safety equipment needed to complete the job quickly and efficiently. We rid your lawn of tree stumps left behind after a tree removal job has been completed. 

Surface stump removal allows your yard to be free from tripping hazards and gives you a clean slate for new tree planting or the planting of other plants. Our team of professionals can help give your yard a new life! 

Let’s face it, tree stumps are not something many of us want in our yards, and stump removal is not always a practical option. Action Tree Service has a team of trained, stump grinding professionals! Stump grinding is a great choice, and we can safely get it accomplished!

Fun fact: If you are looking to replace your felled tree, the Canadian Government has a free My Tree app. We would be happy to discuss with you what tree type would be appropriate and assist you with its care for years to come.

Trust the professionals

Action Tree Service offers professional stump grinding services in Kelowna the Okanagan Valley. Contact us today for a quote to have your tree stumps removed.