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Tree Crown Repair

Tree Crown Repair

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We are locally owned and operated with the region’s largest fleet of tree repair equipment in Kelowna BC. Contact us for your Kelowna Tree Care needs.

Tree crown repair services are in high demand when you live in one of the most diverse and harsh climates on the planet such as Canada. Heavy rainfalls, high winds, and snowstorms can result in broken branches, damaged trunks, and potential structural weakness in even a mature shade tree. Considering the harsh winter storms, noticeable damage can be found even on healthy trees. If you are having an issue with the health or overall appearance of your large trees, it is advisable to call for the emergency services of Action Tree Service. 

Canada can have storms with deadly results, both on the tree’s crown and other living beings in the area. With the fear of further property damage, people count on us to remove any part of the tree that could cause an issue. If the tree’s crown has become damaged, the whole tree does not necessarily have to come down. With the help of our arborists at Action Tree Service, we may be able to save your tree. This type of exceptional work requires a team of experts ready to perform the difficult task without fear of personal injury while relying on the right equipment. 

We are fully insured and equipped to provide quality services. At Action Tree Service, our team proudly serves Kelowna and Penticton. Let our experts tackle large-scale residential and commercial services while we work on repairing your tree crown and saving the tree whenever possible. We guarantee effective services you can rely on. Simply request a free estimate online or call us directly at 250 762 5922. 

Tree Crown Repair Services

The tree crown repair services performed by Action Tree Services involve more than people realize. A tree crown repair consists of evaluating a basically healthy tree for whether the tree crown damage is enough to cause the tree substantial and permanent damage. If the damage is less than 50% of the crown, the tree can typically be saved with the help of an experienced arborist. 

Our team is professionally trained and is certified under ISA Arborists and try everything in our power to avoid tree removal. We understand that a broken branch or two may need to be removed to save the tree with crown damage, and heavy or light pruning of injured and remaining branches will be needed. We will then work on branching patterns, repair torn bark, provide tree wound repair, and address the trunk or structural weakness we may find.  

As several significant limbs may be damaged, hiring a company with the tools and trucks needed is important to getting the job done right! This type of tree repair is often called in for very large, old, beautiful trees that home and business owners love. Addressing concerns in such large trees requires proper tools and training that we bring with us when addressing crown repair.

Specialized In Emergency Tree Removal

It is expected that strong winds, unexpected weather changes, and thunderstorms can cause an unhealthy and damaged tree to fall on the ground. Many don’t realize, however, that crown damage happens even to healthy trees. Whether healthy or unhealthy, when the tree’s crown is damaged, the entire tree may not fall. In many circumstances, only a portion of the tree will fall. This creates a hazard to anyone on the ground. In such a circumstance, you need to call Action Tree Service to evaluate whether it is safe to be around the tree and whether the tree can be saved. 

Our expert tree removal services can help make your yard livable without worrying about additional branches falling from above. Our experts are highly trained arborists and efficiently execute a safe process of tree crown repair and branch removal for your residential or commercial property.

We love Canada’s large trees and try our best to save every tree possible, from the large and very old to the young and small. We have all the necessary equipment, such as cranes, chainsaws, and emergency removal machines, to help us complete the job quickly and efficiently. Our professionals operate the cranes with proper training and guidance from our team. It is important to note that all safety procedures are followed throughout the process. In case of an emergency situation with precariously dangling large branches, we quickly send our team to safely remove the tree branches and evaluate the tree for further damage, all for a competitive price.

Crown Restoration And Tree Removal Services

Crown restoration is a process where professionals prune damaged areas of the crown of a tree. This helps balance an otherwise healthy young tree, encourages new growth easily, and is considered an excellent way to restore plants and trees after storms.  It is important to look at the branches that have fallen. It is common that they have landed on a potentially tall tree beneath and are creating a hazard. We can take care of the few remaining branches needing to fall while evaluating the crown of the damaged tree to see if it can be saved.  

When getting Crown Restoration and Tree removal services, we suggest seeking help from professional arborists who will be able to evaluate the jeopardy related to the tree and can easily prune large branches of tall trees. 

Objectives of getting a crown restoration: 

  • Remove and reduce the broken branches
  • Remove dangerous hazards
  • Treat the damaged area of the tree 
  • Bring balance back to the crown

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Why Choose Action Tree Service?

Trees can get sick, decayed, or damaged due to lack of fertilizer, unavoidable natural calamities, and structural damages. No matter the condition of your tree, at Action Tree Service, we are ready to fix any tree from the root to the crown. To avoid further damage from crown trauma, call our team of professional arborists. We provide quality services that focus on building new branch structures.  

We provide our services safely and efficiently and are just a call away. Once you have described your issue, we can schedule an onsite visit. Our top priority is maintaining transparency with our clients. If we can’t save your tree, we will let you know and give you competitive quotes for removal services. With our specialized equipment and skilled arborists, you can be at ease while we make sure the job is done promptly. 

Our team specializes in providing services such as:

  • Residential Tree Services 
  • Commercial Tree Services 
  • Tree Removal 
  • Deep Root Fertilization
  • Firewood Cutting 
  • Stump Grinding 
  • Tree Planting 
  • Tree Trimming And Pruning 
  • Crown Repair
  • Mobile Brush Chipping 
  • Lot Clearing 
  • Lumber Sales 
  • Storm And Wind Damage Removal 

Call our team and describe any issue you may be experiencing. From tree crown repair to lot clearing, we can help with any tree service you may need. 

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From Tree Crown repair to regular pruning, Action Tree Service is the answer to all of your tree servicing needs. We provide a no-obligation quote beforehand and always seek to save your tree whenever possible. Contact us at 250 762 5922.

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