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Dangerous Tree Removal

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Tree removal services are needed more frequently than people realize. Whether the tree was damaged or simply died over time, tree removal is often necessary for modern life. However, there are times when tree removal is far more dangerous than usual. Dangerous trees can become deadly to anyone in their path, making dangerous tree removal a priority.

At Action Tree Service, we understand the safety hazards created by dangerous trees and have been highly trained in how to remove such trees most safely. Our team will come to you quickly and remove the hazard while avoiding power lines, homes, and property whenever possible. 

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Burt trees cut down after a Wildfire near West Kelowna BC

Dangerous Tree Removal for Wildfire Resiliency

Wildfires produce incredibly high temperatures, which lead to tree bark cracking and quickly heating up the inside of the tree. The cambium layer of the tree, which is in charge of distributing water and nutrients throughout the tree, dies from the extreme heat. Trees that no longer have a functioning cambium layer are not able to transfer nutrients within themselves and are killed.

Trees that have been dried out and killed in a wildfire are structurally very weak. Burnt timber left standing after a wildfire is a hazard as it can be a fuel source for another fire or potentially fall on structures or people nearby.

Dangerous burnt trees need to be removed from a property. Because of their weak structure, these trees have to be removed by a highly experienced team of arborists with very specialised equipment like Action Tree. Action Tree Services has the largest fleet of specialised tree removal equipment, including mobile cranes. Action Tree is the best-equipped arborist that specialises in the removal of burnt trees. If your property has been affected by wildfires and you need dangerously burned trees removed, contact Action Tree Service for help today.

What is a Dangerous Tree Removal?

Let’s be clear, all tree removal services have a level of danger involved, but it is a fact that some tree removal services are far more dangerous than others and need to be treated with priority and respect. While many individuals may consider cutting down a tree on their own, most would never attempt a dangerous tree removal, so what exactly is a dangerous tree removal, and how can one be completed as safely as possible?

Dangerous Tree Removal services are exactly as they sound, the tree needs to be removed, and that removal should be expedited and handled with care due to the nature of the tree in its current condition. Dangerous trees are caused due to a variety of reasons:

  • Age and rot- As trees age and die naturally, rot and insects can make the dying tree no longer safe to be around. Decaying trees are unpredictable and can be deadly to those attempting to remove them. 
  • High Wind- High wind storms can break tree limbs and small tree trunks. These limbs can get stuck on surrounding trees, creating a ticking time bomb for when it will fall to the ground. 
  • Heavy Snowfall- Heavy Snowfall putting additional weight onto tree limbs can break the tree or large limbs on the tree, creating a hazard
  • Trees falling into one another- If a tree falls but does not fall to the ground, it is only a matter of time before it breaks loose or breaks the tree on which it is leaning. Gravity will eventually do its work, and it may happen at the worst possible moment, endangering the lives of those around it. 
  • Tree Size- Very large trees are complicated to remove. From heights involved to the machinery needed, large trees should be left to the professionals to cut.
  • Proximity to Power Lines- A tree falling into a power line can not only cause blackouts but can create the additional hazard of fallen power lines. 

Regardless of the reason, tree care professionals should always be called in to handle dangerous tree removals.  

Tree Removal in Kelowna BC
Damaged Tree that Requires Tree Removal

Only Trust Trained Tree Care Professionals with Dangerous
Tree Removal Services

DIY Tree removal can unintentionally and unnecessarily cost lives, especially when dealing with a dangerous tree. Training, proper safety gear, and proper machinery must be used to cut down trees safely. Additionally, falling limbs around power lines can make tree removal extremely dangerous. 

At Action Tree Service, our professional arborists understand tree physics and know the proper techniques required for cutting a tree safely.  With so many risks involved, it is best to leave tree removal to the pros. 

Don’t let DIY tree removal endanger your life or the lives of those around you. Call Action Tree Service at 250-762-5922.

What are the Dangers Involved in Felling Dangerous Trees?

Dangerous trees are considered dangerous for many of the reasons listed above. The main problem in felling such trees is the uncertainty of when, how, and in what direction the tree will fall. The number one safety hazard most face in a dangerous tree situation is the potential of falling limbs and branches. Even with protective gear such as hard hats, the blunt force of getting hit by a branch can be deadly. 

In many circumstances, especially when dealing with broken trees from wind storms or heavy snow, tree limbs are tangled up in other parts of the tree or surrounding trees. The potential of gravity pulling the limb to the ground in an unexpected direction or at an unexpected time is always present, even while professionals cut through branches to release them. Ladders can be hit by falling tree debris, knocking them down, along with anyone on them. Additionally, wind or ice storms can create tree hazards over live power lines.

Action Tree Service has the skill equipment necessary for Emergency Tree Removal! Call us today for an estimate at 250-762-5922.

Action Tree crane lifts a fallen tree from a pool in West Kelowna

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Tree Removal Services

Successfully felling hazardous trees requires proper equipment, training, and teamwork. At Action Tree Service, we have the needed machinery, training, and tools to safely and accurately cut down any tree needing to be removed. We know the angles in which a tree trunk should be cut to direct the fall into the desired location while avoiding other trees and branches. 

Whether caused by damage from a wind storm, rot, age, or snow, our professional arborists will assess the situation and create a plan of action to accurately and safely remove the hazard as quickly as possible. Successfully felling any tree takes knowledge and planning, but our arborists have faced and overcome many dangerous tree removal situations and will continue to do so for years to come. 

If you need a dangerous tree removal service, call Action Tree Service and schedule a visit for us to assess your situation. Don’t run the risk associated with DIY tree removal. Our professionals have the tools, knowledge, and training needed to remove the danger efficiently.

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