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What is an arborist?

An arborist is a person who specialises in the cultivation, maintenance, and study of trees, shrubs, and other permanent woody plants. They are also known as tree surgeons or tree care specialists. Arborists are educated specialists with knowledge of the biology, upkeep, diagnosis, and treatment of issues relating to trees.

What Credentials Do Arborists Require?

To work as an arborist in Kelowna, British Columbia, there are specific training and certification requirements that arborists need to have. In British Columbia, the Tree Service Industry Standard (TSI) is recognized as a guideline for safe work practices in the tree care industry. To meet these standards, arborists will pursue training and certification and qualifications through the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA). The ISA offers certification programs that credential activities based on an arborist’s knowledge and expertise in the field. ISA Certification is available to those who meet predetermined and standardized criteria for knowledge, skills, or competencies.

What Tree Services Can Certified Arborists Provide?

Arborist carefully prunes a fruit tree in Kelowna orchard

Tree Health Assessments

The health and condition of trees are evaluated by arborists, who look for problems including diseases, pests, structural flaws, or environmental stress. To improve tree health, encourage healthy growth, and guarantee safety, they execute pruning, trimming, and shaping techniques.

Tree Removal

Arborists may need to carefully remove a tree if it is dead, sick, or poses a risk to people or property. They use specialised tools and methods to cut down, disassemble, and remove trees without harming nearby buildings or the natural landscape. The arborists at Action Tree Service in Kelowna have the special privilege to hoist an arborist into a tree using a mobile crane. It is only through special work practices approved by Work Safe BC that this unique practice is permitted.

Arborists cut a fallen tree into logs
The Action Tree crew delivers trees to be planted

Tree Planting

Arborists can make planting recommendations based on their understanding of the right tree species for a given environment. They also take care of tree transplantation, making sure the right procedures are used to reduce stress and increase the likelihood of successful establishment of the new or transplanted tree.

Tree diseases and insect infestations

Tree diseases and insect infestations that threaten trees are diagnosed and treated by arborists. To avoid or control pests and tree illnesses that could be harmful to the health of trees, arborists will apply the proper treatments, such as spraying pesticides, fertilisers, or other interventions.

Spruce tree suffering from northern pine beetle infestation

Safe Work Practices of Certified Arborists

Before every job, arborists assess the potential risks associated with the trees they are to work with, particularly those located near structures or high-traffic areas. Arborists will evaluate the hazards and likelihood of tree failure. Once identified the risk of hazardous conditions will be mitigated by planning and executing a work safe procedure where all hazards are individually addressed.

Action Tree Service’s Certified Arborists

Arborists offer qualified guidance and consulting to people, businesses, or governments regarding tree maintenance, management strategies, tree selection, and preservation. They can then carry out the tree care they recommend with their qualified skills and experience. Their knowledge and skillful tree services help to preserve, maintain, and generally improve the health of trees, encouraging the advantages of urban forests and natural settings.