Action Tree Service

Challenges with Tree Removal

The decision to remove a tree can be a difficult one. When you decide on tree removal, hiring a professional arborist is the safest way to do it. Here are some things you should consider

Why is Tree Removal Difficult?

The decision for a tree to be removed can be made for a variety of reasons. Many times the decision is made due to a tree’s location or overall health. For example, a tree growing too close to a structure or one that is leaning toward a structure can ultimately harm the structure or people around it. Once the decision has been made to remove a tree, there are two scenarios of typical tree removal:

  • Remote locations- In remote areas, removing a tree is a somewhat quick and simple process. A professional service such as Action Tree Service is trained on how to cut the tree to cause it to fall in a certain direction, or the use of a crane will ensure any trees can be moved from any location, and away from any existing structures or people. The tree is cut and the mess is cleared.
  • Populated locations- In highly populated areas, cutting down a tree can be a difficult and somewhat lengthy process that should be done by a certified arborist whenever possible. From limbs to treetops, falling tree debris can be damaging and deadly if not properly handled. Needed equipment can range from ladders, axes, and chainsaws to cranes and wood chippers.

Required Equipment & Safety Precautions

When removing a tree, having proper licensing (ISA Certified Arborist) and insurance (CAPRI Insurance) is vital to the safety of all involved. Our team at Action Tree Service not only follows all WorkSafeBC rules and regulations, but we have also helped in writing and maintaining special work instructions. To date, Action Tree is the only company in Canada permitted to lift a man on the ball of the crane. This type of licensing allows our arborists to be placed in tall trees without the need for them to climb into position, saving energy and attention for the safe removal of the tree. Simply put, our team has the ability to more easily remove trees other companies would find incredibly difficult.

Our large fleet of equipment includes bucket trucks, multiple wood chippers, cranes, mini skid steer, stump grinders, and all tools necessary to complete a job and complete it fully, leaving our clients with less mess and more efficiency than our competitors. Every safety precaution possible is taken very seriously as we realize tree removal can mean life or death to all involved. From safety goggles to certifications, all safety standards are met and, whenever possible, exceeded. Action Tree Service is fully insured and a municipally approved contractor, assuring our clients that the best possible job will be what they can come to expect from our company.

Why Hire Professional Arborists such as Action Tree Services?

At Action Tree Service, we take safety measures above and beyond requirements. We want our employees and customers to both know everything possible to protect life and property will be done when removing or brush chipping a tree of any size. When it comes to DIY tree removal and all associated services, home and business owners have the very real possibility of creating extremely unsafe situations quickly. Depending on the height and condition of the tree needing to be removed, trees may not always fall in the direction chosen nor respond how expected. This can, at a minimum, cause pricey damage to property. Renting needed equipment allows a customer to complete the job, but without proper training and understanding of risks, injury and/or loss of life or limb are a possibility. Our arborists have been thoroughly trained and certified to do the job quickly, efficiently, and safely. Leaving owners to worry about what matters most!